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Poema Arcanus - "trujący" DOOM Metal z Chile

As I'm trying to approach
Through this landscape of the unknown
Whispers of the wise, in the air
Love, sex, nature's traps for the mortal men

Female poison I will drink,
And I'll die in your arms by ecstasy
Female poison close my eyes
Rip my veins with your condemned cries

Try to understand with my logic
What no logic can understand
My naked soul, day by day weakens
For your honey tasting blood

I can't pretend
It was not a surprise
It will never end
My frustration to own
What I will never have...
Have no excuse
Just cannot lie
This sweetness will never be mine

POEMA ARCANVS was brought to life in 1992 in Santiago, Chile. Beginning as a mixture of diverse styles such as Death, Grind and Doom Metal, the band immediately focused in the creation of their own interpretation of these styles.

This resulted in 2 demotapes as well as a live cassette EP. Later, in 1998, the Doom-Death Metal shown on their debut album “Arcane XIII” (released in 1999 by the Chilean label Picoroco Records) caused a great impact into their local scene, and also spoke of a band with a promising path ahead of them.

Growing from the debut, the band released the acclaimed “Iconoclast” album in 2002, an album so diverse from other Doom acts that it made a name for the band, even in Europe and the US. Following “Iconoclast” the band ventured into a trip through musical experimentation, taking the progressive elements a step further from Iconoclast, and giving shape in 2005 to “Telluric Manifesto”, their most challenging and complex album to date.

By then, trying to point out some influences or to label their music became a really difficult task, as a sense of identity was strongly rooted in these new songs. In 2009 Poema Arcanvs presents what can be considered as the perfect synthesis of all their previous works.

“Timeline Symmetry” brings back the Doom Metal heaviness and melody of their early music, in conjunction with the unmistakable vibe acquired during their latest years. Not the average Doom Metal, but properly said: “Arcane Doom Metal”. This album was chosen as the best Chilean Metal album of 2009 in Rockaxis Magazine (the biggest and most notorious rock magazine in Chile).

After a great performance at The Metal Fest-Chile with excellent reviews in the Media, nowadays the band is composing their 5th album which will have 9 new songs of Arcane Doom Metal. This new piece of music will be released at September 2012. The band is booking an Euro Tour at October 2012 and already is confirmed in the Dutch Doom Days and Doom Over Vienna festivals, that take place in Holland and Austria respectively.

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