piątek, 5 października 2012

A Dog Called Ego - support - ANATHEMA 2012 tour

A Dog Called Ego confirm as support on remaining European dates Anathema tour

A Dog Called Ego are a post rockish band from Hamburg, Germany. They were formed in 2006 and released the highly anticipated Debut record "Living Seriously Damages Health" in 2006. It was played, recorded, produced and released by the band themselves, got a bunch of nice reviews and was later on described as the best Alternative/Post Rock album of the last years by German Rock Hard Magazine. 

After having played lots of concerts including a tours throughout Germany and Bosnia and Herzegowina, A Dog Called Ego recorded their second full length album called "Happy Happy Apocalypse" in 2011. Again without the help of a label or management the own studio became something like a second home for the three piece. And it still is. 

After releasing the "Don´t Vote For Us"-EP in summer 2012, the band locked down in their studio again to work on a new album to be released after the end of the world in early 2013. 


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